Creating Balance through Massage

    Every massage therapist is required to take continuing education because it is so important since new science evolves every day. Recently, Haley and I had the opportunity to take a course on the subject we have been geeking out over called Anatomy Trains by Tom Myers. I’d like to share some of the knowledge […]

Movements for a Healthy Spine

Even for those of us who have a daily fitness routine, the remainder of the day is mainly spent sitting or still on our feet, with our spines in slight flexion – curved forward.  While our lives now are considerably “easier” (read: sedentary) today than in the past, our bodies are designed for movement.  The […]

Osmosis Top 10

Osmosis skincare put together a list of their top 10 products and I couldn’t agree more!! I absolutely love this line for anyone wanting to treat specific skin conditions or looking for healthy glowing skin. One of my favorite products is Replenish. I love the way my skin glows when I use Replenish on a […]

Product Feature: Lavender Essential Oil

                We at Refresh-ology have begun to carry doTERRA essential oils, not only for their aromatherapy benefits, but for the many other benefits they  can provide to our clients looking for natural, safe alternatives to synthetics we stock our medicine and cleaning cabinets with.*                 Lavender is the quintessential aromatherapy used in spas to create […]

The Evolution of an Esthetician

Today’s post is a bit more personal.  Have you ever considered the beauty and skincare industry as your profession? I never really did until after college in my early 20’s. Here is a sneak peek into how I became a business owner and esthetician. I have a degree in psychology. So clearly I have always […]

How to find your best-fit massage therapist

  All too often I have clients come to me with stories of how their last massage was less-than-perfect (or worse!)  While there are some inexperienced bodyworkers out there, I think the problem usually is that the therapists were just a poor fit for these particular clients’ needs; even in cases where a client does […]

Are tight hips causing your lower back pain?

                A common complaint among my clients is tightness through one or both hips; many times, coupled with lower back pain.  In my experience, the lack of mobility through the hip joints is the typical cause of the low back pain, and less commonly other way around. How does this work? Many muscles of the […]

The one skin care step you are probably skipping…

Facial Exfoliation Who should be exfoliating? Everyone can benefit from some form of exfoliation whether it is from a wash, a scrub, or an enzyme. What is exfoliation? The removal of the oldest deadest skin cells on the outer most surface of the skin. There are two types of exfoliation… Chemical and Mechanical.  Mechanical or […]

How often should I get a massage?

            “How often should I get a massage?” is a common question asked from our clients.  While first and foremost it will depend on your personal finances and self-care priorities, we make our recommendations based on your unique needs and goals.  However, here are some general guidelines: Maintenance Massage:  4-5 weeks Those who receive massage […]

How often should I get skincare treatments?

I get asked this question a lot. How often should I get a facial? How often should I get a microdermabrasion, peel etc.. The typical answer to this question is monthly. I would call this getting a facial on a regular basis. Why monthly? It takes approximately 30 days for your skin cells to go […]