Healthy Spa Recipes

Living a healthy lifestyle is another passion here at ReFresh-ology.  We want to promote living a balanced and healthy life. My other passion in life is food. I love cooking and eating.  My mission is to also share how to eat healthy to have glowing skin. So much of what we put inside our bodies […]

Benefits of a Facial and Esthetician

Benefits of a Facial and Esthetician So many people think that facials are just for pampering and relaxation, which is true, but there are so many other wonderful benefits for your skin. If you are looking for healthier more radiant skin then getting facials on a regular basis not only will improve your overall well […]

Spa Experience: part 2

Your Spa Experience: Part 2 Let’s take a look at what happens when you get to the spa. Once again these are just the basics; your experience will differ depending on the spa. You will check in at the front desk and will probably be asked to fill out a consultation form. Some spas may […]

Your Spa Experience: Part 1

There are several different types of spa settings from full service spas to small boutique spas that specialize in certain spa treatments. In either case; here are the things that you should expect and look for in your spa experience. Never been to a spa and curious about the facility and treatments offered? Call and […]