Top 3 at home skincare steps

There are so many product lines out there. It’s very overwhelming even for an esthetician. Some lines have so many products most people don’t know where to begin.  I hear from clients all the time that they don’t want to use 4, or even more, products on their face twice a day. First, it is very time consuming and second no one is really going to stay compliant to a mile long skin care regime. Even though, I may recommend several different products to my clients, I am not asking them to use all the products at once. While I do believe that serums are a must for some, I have broken down just the basics. Here is what I recommend for a very basic at home skincare regime.

Step 1 : Cleanse

Why cleanse? Well, cleansing removes the dirt, oil, makeup, and you name it off your skin. I recommend cleansing at night before you go to bed. I actually do not do a full cleanse in the morning. When I take my shower I just simply rinse off my face with water. Cleansing also helps manage PH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water and product retention. It also provides the skin much needed hydration.

Yes; there are thousands of cleansers out there. So, what’s the best one to use? Well, you want to use a cleanser that is free of toxic chemicals, SLS (sodium laurel sulfates), phthalates, parabens, gluten, and artificial colors and fragrances.

Step 2: Moisturize

Oh the debate over moisturizers still continues.  I do believe that you should be moisturizing whether you are dry or oily and here is why.

Moisturizers treat and take care of your skin and prevent it from drying by holding water in the stratum corneum (the outer layer of epidermis). However, that’s not all they do. Moisturizers protect your skin from negative environmental factors and act as a barrier between skin, dirt, and anything else floating in the air. They also make the skin soft, smooth, and keep it healthy and nourished.

Once again, you want to make sure that you find the best moisturizer for your skins specific needs. If you’re not sure then seeking out an esthetician for a facial would be the best solution.

Step 3: Sunscreen

Yes, you need to be wearing sunscreen on a daily basis. Whether it’s in your moisturizer, makeup or it’s a separate product.  Wearing sunscreen daily will help prevent premature aging and protect your skin against harmful UV damage.

When it comes to the best sunscreen, here is what to look for;  a non- nano coated zinc oxide based facial sunscreen. This will give you a sheer, long lasting coverage. Why a non-nano?  A nano particle will enter the blood stream but a non-nano will not.  So, a non-nano is safer. Chemical sunscreens (with nano particles) will enter the bloodstream and that is why DNA altering ingredients like oxybenzone are very controversial.

Using these 3 products on a daily bases will aid in the overall health of your skin. If you have questions or want to boost your daily skin care regime our estheticians can help you find the best fit products for your skin.

Shannon Chappell, LE co-owner

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