The Evolution of an Esthetician

Today’s post is a bit more personal.  Have you ever considered the beauty and skincare industry as your profession? I never really did until after college in my early 20’s. Here is a sneak peek into how I became a business owner and esthetician.

I have a degree in psychology. So clearly I have always wanted to help people. I either wanted to be a lawyer or psychologist. I know they are kind of extreme but the main fact of both professions is they want to help an individual person work out their problems. Well as you can see, I did not go down either of those paths.

After College, I quickly learned that a 9-5 desk job was definitely not for me. I decided to take a huge pay cut and do something that I felt was fun and would make me happy. I went and worked for Clinique cosmetics. I absolutely loved doing makeup. I had always loved makeup and fashion so being a makeup artist seemed like a perfect fit. I moved to Orlando, FL where I had planned to go to film makeup school. Well life happened and lots of things changed and makeup school got put on the back burner. While I was with Clinique in Orlando, I meet several esthetician’s who were doing both makeup and skincare. I found myself becoming increasingly more interested in what they were doing with skincare than in the makeup industry.

The one thing I kept running across with makeup clients was that many were not concerned nor did they know much about skincare. During my time with Clinique, my motto became, “your makeup is only as good as the skin underneath”. So many people wanted their makeup to look flawless but their skin was less than flawless. My passion turned from makeup to educating about the importance of good skincare.

*As a side note. I was lucky to learn the importance of good skincare from a very young age. My mom was not a big makeup person but she always took really good care of her skin. She made sure that I took care of my skin first then the makeup came. I wasn’t allowed to wear much makeup growing up and not until college did I find my love for makeup.

I eventually moved back to NC and decided to attend esthetics school. My passion for helping people with their skin grew and I knew that I was finally on the right path. I love the education side of the beauty industry. I love sharing and teaching what I know about the skincare and beauty industry to my clients. It’s not always about giving a facial but more about educating my clients on what is best for their specific skin needs. I love connecting the dots for clients on their lifestyle and food choices and how that has affected their skin. I have been in both medical esthetics and the spa setting. Both have offered me a variety of experience and knowledge which has helped me grow as an esthetician.

My move into co-owning a business has definitely been the most rewarding part of my career. Having some type of practice or business of my own has always been a dream of mine. I never imagined it would be a spa, but that is where life has taken me. Being a business owner is not for everyone, but for me the reward outweighs the risk and sacrifice. Building a practice and a team of highly talented therapists and watching it grow has been one of my biggest accomplishments in life.

There are many different paths you can take if you have ever considered the beauty industry. Mine is just one path of the many different jobs you can have whether it’s makeup, medical esthetics, teaching, or even sales. My goal in this industry is to try and make a positive impact on the way people feel about themselves from the inside out.

Shannon Chappell, LE Co-owner

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