How to prepare for your first Brazilian Wax

Summer is right around the corner and that means waxing season is upon us. If you are thinking of waxing for the first time, we have some tips that will help make your first experience a breeze. These tips not only apply to brazilian waxing but to body waxing in general.

* Shower before your appointment
* hair must be at least 1/4 inch long up to 1/2 inch. Approx. 10-14 days of growth. Make sure you adjust your appointment accordingly.
* gently exfoliate the night before. Use a gentle scrub or acne cleanser. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells around and in the hair follicle making it easier to remove the hair.
* Think about mother nature, ladies…best time to wax is a week AFTER your cycle
* Relax. Try to stay as relaxed as possible. The anticipation is usually worse than the session itself.
* Breath. Breath. Breath
* It will get better. Know that your first waxing session is the most uncomfortable. Most people leave pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t nearly as bad as they expected
* If you feel like you need a little something to help ease the pain, take an over-the-counter pain reliever 20-30min prior to your appointment.

After your treatment…

If you tend to be sensitive , you may want to use cold compresses or Aloe Vera gel. Avoid tight clothing for a day to prevent irritation.

Additional things to keep in mind….
* If you are currently taking an oral or topical antibiotic it may cause extra sensitivity. You may want to wait until you are off before you schedule an appointment.
* Discontinue using Retinol or alpha hydroxy (over-the-counter topical) one week prior to appointment. (facial waxing only)
* No facial waxing if you are currently on Accutane. Must be off Accutane for 1 year prior to any facial waxing

We hope this helps prepare you for your waxing experience.

We offer a full range of waxing services with our esthetician, Haley Moore. Call 252-931-1111 for pricing and any additional question.

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