Feed your Skin a Raw Food Diet


Feed your skin a raw food diet

We are so excited about our new product line we just launched in the spa. We are now proudly carrying Body Deli. Body Deli is a fresh, raw, organic face, body and hair care line. All products are handmade in Palm Desert, CA. We are now offering Organic Superfood facials and all natural body lotions blended with organic essential oils that can be added to any of our massage treatments.

All Body Deli products contain living botanical superfoods with clinically tested actives(vitamins and natural acids). The key to Body Deli products is the “raw” living state of the products phytonutrients. The method Body Deli use to make their products is similar to crafting fresh squeezed juices and smoothies. All products are made at a low heat without synthetic chemical stabilizers or preservatives. Body Deli’s products deliver a more beneficial and therapeutic way for your skin to get all the nutrients it needs. Due to the natural state of their products, most all of Body Deli products have a 12month shelf life.

Some of our favorite products so far:


  • Blueberry Fusion Micro-Scrub: this scrub smells just like fresh blueberry pie!! It’s made with organic blueberries, acai berry, malic acid, citric acid and lactic acid. It is very effective in removing dull, dry and damaged skin cells. Revealing a brighter, fresher and amazingly smoother skin.


  • Vital-C serum: I love using vitamin C serums and this one by far is my favorite and it smells good too. Vitamin C helps reverse free radical damage and prevent future damage while firming the skin. The Vitamin C serum contains, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and vegetable carotenoids. I love the glow my skin has after I use this product.


  • Solar Day Cream: I have finally found a daytime with SPF that I love. It is light and non greasy so it works well underneath your makeup. It is formulated with Olive leaf, vitamin C, CoQ10, pumpkin seed oil and micronized zinc (no white film). Its SPF 15, which some may think is not enough, but I find it to work great!!


  • Cucumber Juice Elixir: WOW this product feels so refreshing. What’s inside… sprouted greens, kombucha tea, cucumber juice, sea veggies and hyaluronic acid. This product is considered a tonic so you spritz or wipe it on after cleansing. It helps to clear away residue, tightens the pores, hydrates and nourishes the skin.

Come in and experience a Body Deli Organic Superfood Facial with Shannon or Haley M. and feel the difference. Your skin will thank you for it!!

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